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Dinosaur Encounter at Curborough - May 2017

On Thursday 20th April and Sunday 7th May, we held our first Dinosaur Encounter events here at the Centre. It was brilliant to welcome over 420 children (and their families!) over the 2 dates.

The dinosaur show was an absolute treat - the children were initially introduced to some ancestors of the dinosaurs including some snakes, lizards and snapping turtles. The snapping turtle in particular looked unbelievably pre-historic.

After this, the children got to meet "Rex" - a five year old T-Rex! Who knew that real life dinosaurs are still found in Curborough? :) The reaction of the children's faces when Rex emerged from behind the trees was priceless.

A big thank you to Byron at Lichfield Garden Centre, and to all his team, for organising the event. It was brilliant fun and definitely a memorable experience for everyone that attended.

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